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Susanne BRAUN was born in 1980 in the part of Bavaria (Germany) where forest land is predominant. There, she obtained her forestry and lumber industry engineering degree at the Technical University of Munich (Tu München, WZW Weihenstephan, LWF Freising). She also has a Master's in tropical forestry from the Ecole Nationale du Génie Rural des Eaux et des Forêts de Montpellier (ENGREF-Agroparistech). These have allowed her to develop the necessary skills for managing and operating forests in an ecological and beneficial way.


She then perfected her skills in forest management, forest exploitation and management during an internship in Rothenbuch in the German region of Spessart (where oak, douglas fir, beech, and spruce are common).


She also studied the impact of various degrees of forest exploitation on the forest's ecosystem by comparing them to primary beech forests and to ancient nature reserves.


She also manages and operates her family forest in her birth region, alongside with the small forest land owner's group of Waldmunchen (WBW, Waldbesitzerverband).


She was also a coordinator for the international german cooperation (GIZ) located in the Congo basin that aims to further coordination, organization, planification and facilitation in the network of institutions centered around forestry and environmental studies in Central Africa. She helped develop a training policy recognized on an inter-minesterial level.


Since 2012, she has been living in France with her husband and works for the shared forest investment group Avenir Forêt.


Susanne BRAUN, forest engineer and manager of Avenir Forêt.
Susanne BRAUN, forest engineer and manager of Avenir Forêt.

Susanne BRAUN key skills


- Close to nature forestry, forestry improvement, establishing cuts, timber marking, low impact forest exploitation, oversight of forestry work sites, sorting and sale of wood.


- Establishing access routes, conservation of natural ressources, hunt management, sanitary and climatic risk management.


- Communication, marketing, advertising, negociating, relations with the associates.



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