Managers Pierre DEMOUGEOT and Susanne BRAUN are certified forestry engineers, who also work with private forest owners. The experienced French-German couple are also associates in the company with a personal stake in its capital.


Three principles guide their management strategy:


Openness, Exchange, and Expertise.


Introducing the managers


Management is made of two water affairs and forestry engineers : Susanne BRAUN and Pierre DEMOUGEOT.


The two managers take care of both the administrative and financial side of the group (accounting, organising the general assembly, communication with associates, financial stability, communication with the administration, subsidy applications, keeping various internet platform active) and the technical aspects of forestry (forest management, logging, sale of goods).


Their combinal skills in both forestry and group facilitation (coordination, preparing meetings, conflict resolution) contribute to the shared forest group's smooth operation.


This consistent and versatile management allows for a maximum of tasks to be accomplished in house.


This reduces expenses whilst increasing margins by integrating them (administrative and property expertise, preparation of the forestry management plan, timber marking, oversight of forestry operations, sale of the final product, hunt management, clearing plantations, design of logging roads).


Managers of Avenir Forêt.
Managers of Avenir Forêt.


975 route de Donzenac


avenir.foret (arobase)

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